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The 256MB SSD from Samsung’s 470 series is quite a surprise to us. One might think that the market is ruled by Intel’s products or by SSDs based on SandForce controllers but that’s not true. Some manufacturers have got something up their sleeve such as the Samsung 470 series which seems to be the best SATA 3 Gbit/s SSD, which makes it a perfect option for upgrading old notebooks or desktop PCs.

The extraordinary write speed we noticed in the synthetic benchmarks was also evident in every real-life test, so your computer won’t be sluggish in everyday tasks with that SSD.

As for the price factor, the 256GB Samsung 470 series drive costs as much as $400, which is quite a lot. The 240GB OCZ Vertex 2 can be bought for $350, for example. But the good news about the Samsung is its high quality of manufacture. We’ve never heard any reports about problems with Samsung controllers, so the 470 series seems to be a reliable solution with a top-tier brand’s warranty.

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