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We’ve been meeting some interesting products lately. Following Samsung’s new SSDs, the SanDisk Ultra Plus has proved a very exciting object for us to test. That’s why this review has a generally favorable attitude towards it. Any innovation that stands out from the crowd deserves our initial sympathy irrespective of the end result.

The Ultra Plus SSD is unusual for having a quad-channel Marvell SS889175 controller but making up for the lack of controller channels by using some of its MLC memory in SLC mode. And, according to our tests, this solution can be praised not only for being innovative. It is no flagship product and is not positioned as such but it looks competitive as an entry-level SSD. It is comparable to the Plextor M5S, Corsair Neutron and OCZ Vertex 4 in average performance. It copes well with typical PC loads, slowing down just a little if used as a system disk. The SanDisk Ultra Plus comes with a standard 3-year warranty but the nCache technology can be expected to make its service life longer compared to its competitors.

SanDisk should also be commended for things other than the engineering work. The Ultra Plus is currently one of the least expensive drives on the market, together with the Samsung 840. It is a very attractive product in terms of price/performance ratio. Moreover, it has high-quality 19nm MLC NAND flash with Toggle Mode interface, so we can recommend it to people who are still wary of TLC memory with 3-bit cells.

To help you with your choice, we offer the following summary table with test results of various SSDs. It contains basic hardware information about SSDs we’ve tested so far and allows to quickly determine the general position of a particular model among its competitors in terms of relative performance.

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