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Performance in FC-Test 2.0

We’ll now test the cards in the newer version of FC-Test using the same methodology.

The cards have similar, and rather low, speeds when writing 1MB files. Well, you don’t actually need a very high speed with such small files unless you are going to emulate video capture by quickly shooting into highly compressed JPEG files. The card-readers behave just like they did in the previous tests, so there’s no need for more comments.

This test provides real-life photography conditions for the tested devices. The speeds are high, even though far from the specified ones. The Extreme IV speeds up twofold, leaving the older cards behind.

The Extreme IV can’t reach even 30MB/s, let alone the specified 40MB/s, on the 100MB file in this test. The other cards do worse than in the first version of FC-Test by 10-15%, too.

Next go the read test results.

The results are so close in each diagram that they don’t have to be commented upon separately. The Extreme IV finally notches the promised 40MB/s mark. The Extreme III card still prefers the Extreme USB reader, having a read speed of 17.4MB/s in it. The Ultra II has a speed of 10-11MB/s. The ImageMate FireWire refused to pass this test, producing inadequate results.

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