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Windows Vista Ready Boost Patterns

We continue checking out external storage media for their compliance with Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost technology using IOMeter. To remind you, the point of that technology is in using a flash drive or a flash card as an additional cache with a data access time lower than that of the hard disk. To qualify for this application, the external disk must meet certain performance requirements and have a capacity of 256MB and higher. The OS itself benchmarks the speed of the attached device and proposes that it be used for ReadyBoost. What are the requirements? The flash disk must ensure a data-transfer rate of 2.5MB/s and higher when reading random 4KB data blocks and a data-transfer rate of 1.75MB/s and higher when writing 512KB data blocks. So, we measure these two speeds in a 10-minute test. For better readability, the red vertical line marks the ReadyBoost-compliant speed in the diagrams:

The read diagram suggests that the Ultra II is not fit for ReadyBoost. And neither card is ReadyBoost compliant in the ImageMate FireWire reader – its read speed is too low. Note the superb performance of the Extreme IV card in the Extreme FireWire reader.

It’s simpler with writing: each card easily overcomes the required barrier. The ImageMate FireWire reader just cannot work with data blocks of the required size. The Extreme IV card is brilliant in the new card-readers.

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