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Performance in FC-Test

The HDD makers pay more and more attention to streaming operations lately. Copying files is one of them. With the help of our specially designed FC-Test utility we test the HDDs performance during file copying for different file sets. The results of FC-Test program are always very illustrative. So, let’s have a look at our today’s testing participants and their performance in FC-Test:

First of all we create files on the HDDs. These results allow us to evaluate the write speed of the testing participants. Since the results appeared the same for both file systems, we will offer you only one diagram:

Well, this is very interesting, I should say! It is not at all surprising that a model with 8MB buffer outperformed a model with 2MB buffer, however Barracuda 7200.7 Serial ATA turned out much faster than even Barracuda 7200.7 Plus! And it hardly yields at all to the last Barracuda Serial ATA V even though its data transfer rate to and from the platter is not that high! FC-Test clearly illustrates the advantage of Serial ATA HDDs, which we saw in Intel IOMeter lazy write benchmarks.

During regular reading the firmware peculiarities and buffer size usually do not affect the result. The determinative role in this case play the physical read speed for large files and fast electronics for small files.

This is exactly what happened this time: all the HDDs are based on the same platters that is why we see the difference only in mixed patterns, where the average file size is not too big or too small. In these patterns (namely, Install and MP3), Serial ATA HDDs are defeated by the classical ATA ones. However, there is nothing to be surprised at, if you remember the results of Intel IOMeter test, namely for SequentialRead on small data blocks.

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