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Web-Server, File-Server Patterns

The drives are tested under loads typical of servers. The names of the patterns are self-explanatory. The results are presented as performance ratings which are calculated as the average speed of the drive at every load.

The read-only load doesn’t reveal anything new. The Constellation ES is ahead, and the 7200.4 is second due to its somewhat higher performance at short queue depths.

The addition of write requests changes the picture somewhat. The Constellation ES seems to be asleep until a request queue depth of 32, but then wakes up and accelerates quickly, winning top place in the performance ratings. The Momentus XT is better than the other 2.5-inch drives at any queue depths whereas its predecessor 7200.4 is only good at short ones and then falls behind the Hitachi and Toshiba.

Multithreaded Read & Write Patterns

The multithreaded tests simulate a situation when there are one to four clients accessing the hard disk at the same time – the clients’ address zones do not overlap. We will discuss diagrams for a request queue of 1 as the most illustrative ones. You can also click the following links for the full results:

Well, our new test method with the read zones being far apart seems to be difficult for HDDs. The second read thread changes the standings greatly: the Constellation ES loses its leading position while the 7200.4 falls far behind the rest of the HDDs. The third thread slows the Hitachi down, the Momentus XT taking the lead.

Multithreaded writing is not as difficult as multithreaded reading, yet some HDDs do not do well here. The Toshiba and the Momentus 7200.4 lose half their speed at two data threads, for example. The Hitachi slows down when writing three threads. The HDDs from Seagate’s two new series win this test.

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