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The 2.5” hard disk drive market is living through extremely active times these days. There is huge demand for new HDDs and it keeps growing constantly. So, the manufacturers do their best to win more of the market.

Seagate has been doing real good in this market lately. They revised their strategy in this direction and since 2003 they have been manufacturing compact Momentus hard disk drives.

Now that two years have passed since then we have every right to state that this was an absolutely right decision to make: the hard disk drives market kept growing and Seagate not only managed to get in the game, but to become an indisputable leader in terms of sales volumes here.

Being a leader is a definitely hard but also very responsible task. Every single day you have to prove the world that you really deserve being on top. In the hard disk drives market it means only one thing: you have to make new hard disk drive models, which will be better than the competitors’ solutions, which will come out ahead of the competitors’ solutions and which will be enough to satisfy the user demand.

So, let’s think what is actually an innovation of a hard disk drive of today? I believe that if you do a survey in any of the computer hardware stores, then most participants will name the storage capacity as the primary feature they are looking for in a HDD. Yes, no matter how traditional it might seem, but the users are still more convinced by the big numbers, which is an indirect indication of high quality for them. It would be much better though if at least 30% of the respondents could remember about such important feature as interface type.

Now that the spacecrafts… I actually meant, now that the Serial ATA interface has almost completely ousted parallel interface from the desktop mainboards (some manufacturers have to integrate PATA controller chips onto their products, btw, we should remind Promise to reanimate their old achievements :) ) and now that Intel managed to get into the mobile platforms thanks to the new core logic sets, we really cannot ignore the SATA interface any more.

The last in the list, but not the least important thing is certainly the speed. To be more exact the spindle rotation speed of the hard disk drive. Back in 2003 Hitachi released the first notebook HDD with 7,200rpm spindle rotation speed, having marked the beginning of a new competition wave (you can check out our review called Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 HDD: 7,200rpm Achieved! for more details).

We have been waiting for someone to join Hitachi in this race for two long years, and finally our patience and curiosity have been rewarded.

Not so long ago the Seagate Momentus HDD family acquired two new impressive members: Momentus 5400.2 with 120GB storage capacity and Momentus 7200.1. You can see from the model names that the first one belongs tot the well-known Momentus 5400.2 family, which has now reached the maximum storage capacity of 120GB (we have already reviewed some solutions from this family, you can see our article called Seagate Momentus 5400.2 2.5” Hard Disk Drive Review for details). The second model opens a new page in history and starts a new family of compact hard disk drives in Seagate’s product range.

Momentus 7200.1 HDD boasts a nearly perfect combination of speed and storage capacity: 100GB with the spindle rotating at 7,200rpm. Of course, both new models are available with PATA and SATA interface.

So let’s finally meet our testing participants.

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