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Software Bundle

The CD disk which comes together with the drive you will find a user guide in HTML and PDF formats, drivers, and Seagate Toolkit (for Windows), which is none other but a set of utilities offering the HDD owner pretty much the same functionality as any of the USB flash-drives. Let’s take a closer look at these functions now.





As you can see from the screenshot, the main menu consists of three options. Tools option allows turning the drive into a system disk, changing the already existing sections, format the drive or restore the default (factory) state. The drive turns into a system disk with the help of FreeDOS operating system, which is also available on the CD disk. By changing the existing sections you can create the general access zone, and the zone for confidential info storing.

The Security menu option allows setting user login and password and assigning the drive section a read only status.

The Help menu option provides access to user’s manual, which is stored on the accompanying CD disk, check the availability of updates for Seagate Toolkit and access Seagate Techsupport on the company’s official website.

Besides all the above listed features, the auxiliary menu options allow browsing through the CD disk contents, “disconnecting” the drive from the operating system, and access another pocket HDD if necessary, if there are more than one drive of the kind attached to your system.

As for the drive’s cost, it was not yet selling that widely at the time we worked on this article. But I am pretty sure that you can find it on Pricewatch already.

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