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Performance in AIDA32

With the help of special AIDA32 software we will build linear read and write graphs, as well as obtain the results for average access time.

Linear Read Speed

Linear Write Speed

Average Access Time

The results you saw on the screenshots above indicate that the read and write speeds are about the same. The data transfer rate graphs also turn out very similar.

The diagram for average linear read speed results shows that our hero yielded slightly to its relative, but is nevertheless much faster than the competitor’s Slimmo Disk4U solution.

The minimal difference in the performance results is also present on the average liner write speed diagram. Again the pocket solution from Seagate is a tiny bit slower than its brother. The advantage over the Slimmo Disk4U remains tangible.

The last diagram is built for the average access time. As we have actually expected, these results are almost identical for both Seagate products. The main hero of our today’s investigation is just a little bit behind the ST1 drive. The average access time by Slimmo Disk4U appears twice as high.

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