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The release of this pocket storage device from Seagate into the market offers users a much broader choice of solutions like that, because there haven’t been that many of the in the market so far. Now that we have just made this general statement, we would like to make a few more specific conclusions. Since the performance difference between the pocket solution from Seagate and a solution designed by the same company in Compact Flash format is negligible, the users can theoretically go for the St1 HDD and an external card-reader device, as an alternative to the new pocket HDD, if the price of this combination appears more attractive.

At the same time, I can’t help mentioning a very successful design idea implemented in the external pocket HDD, which ensures convenient and compact storage of the USB cable, and goes with very functional software definitely enriching the HDD’s capabilities. The results of our today’s test session showed that the new Seagate product is fast and competitive enough to determine your choice.

Since ST650211USB doesn’t have any direct competitors in the market so far, it has every chance to win wide market recognition and users’ love. The determinative factor in this case will definitely be its retail price, which hasn’t been finalized yet, but which will surely be lower than that of its indirect competitors, such as a Compact Flash + card-reader bundle.

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