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Performance in FC-Test

Now let’s take a look at the practical performance of our today’s hero. As usual, we used FC-Test tool to check the actual performance of our drives in real applications. The results should be regarded as credible, because of the highly efficient algorithms used in this test set we developed for HDD testing. The main idea of FC-Test is to measure the time the hard disk drives need to create (write), read and copy different file sets, which differ from one another by the type, size and number of files. Then we calculate the practical; performance of the drive basing on the time measurements.

As you remember from our previous HDD reviews, Windows and Programs patterns include a large number of smaller files, and the remaining three patterns – ISO, MP3 and Install – work with a limited number of larger files. For copy operations each drive is formatted into two 32GB equal partitions. The patterns are copied either within the same partition or from one partition to another.

Let’s start with the results obtained in FAT32 file system. During file Creation (Writing) our hero fell quite far behind the regular drive in all patterns.

The next diagram shows the results for reading speeds of the tested drives. Again we see that the portable device is quite far behind the ST910023A in any of the five considered patterns.

File copying within the same partition doesn’t change anything. The external drive from Seagate again turns out slower than its internal fellow. It lost in all patterns.

The last diagram for FAT32 file system shows how fast the files can be copied from one partition to another. The portable drive again failed to win against its internal counterpart everywhere.

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