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Performance in PCMark Vantage

Finally, we’ll show you the results of the drives in the recently released PCMark Vantage. Compared with the previous versions, it has become more extensive and more up-to-date as its overall orientation is at Windows Vista. We haven’t yet noticed its results to disagree with reality. You can rad more about this testing suite in our article called PCMark Vantage: New Complex System Performance Benchmark. We, however, will only discuss briefly the following new test modes:

  • Windows Defender (the disk is under multi-threaded load, one of the threads scanning files)
  • Gaming
  • Photo Gallery (images from a photo gallery are viewed by the user)
  • Vista StartUp
  • Movie Maker (emulates the disk load typical for video editing applications)
  • Media Center (emulates the user working in Media Center)
  • Media Player (emulates the loading of files into Windows Media Player)
  • Application Loading

The benchmark then issues an overall performance score for the drive.

The benchmark being new on our list, we don’t have test results for two devices as we had tested them earlier.

The Windows Defender trace seems to be limited to reading files only. Anyway, the SSDs have got one point in their favor: the HDDs are slower.

The 64GB SSD proves to be better than the HDDs as a disk for a gaming station. But it will take very long to install a game…

The SSD is also better at loading images from a photo gallery.

The 64GB SSD is only inferior to the Gigabyte i-RAM, which is unrivalled in every test. There is no difference from the same test in Windows XP.

The drive has to write a lot when the user’s creating movies. SSDs don’t find such load easy. Interestingly, the 2.5” Hitachi 7K200 outperforms the 3.5” 1TB drive from Samsung.

The SSD doesn’t feel at ease in the Media Center, either. It is slower than the HDDs.

The SSD copes better than the HDDs with adding files into Windows Media Player thanks to its small access time at reading. Note that the Hitachi 7K200 is again faster than the SpinPoint F1.

The applications are different by the SSD is still the best.

The 64 SSD from Samsung has a higher overall score than both HDDs and is second only to the Gigabyte i-RAM.

Interestingly, the 64GB SSD model is far faster than the 32GB one in all PCMark tests although its advantage is smaller in FC-Test. In IOMeter, the 32GB model was even the faster of the two.

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