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Power Consumption

In conclusion we are going to discuss the power consumption of our today’s testing participants. As usual, we measured the power consumption in five different modes: random reads and writes, sequential reads and writes, and idle mode.

Let’s start with random reading:

As we see, the most energy-efficient in this case are Intel SSDs, while Vertex 3, on the contrary, consume 1 watt more than their competitors. And as we recall, there was nothing outrageous about Vertex 3 speed in this mode.

Now let’s check out the SSDs power consumption during random writing:

The picture changed: Intel 510 250 GB, which was so energy-efficient during reading, has the power appetite of two. :) Vertex 3 SSDs aren’t modest either, while Crucial ones seem to be dieting…

Now let’s move on to sequential operations.

During sequential reading Intel SSDs are the best, while Vertex 3 again need 1 watt more.

History repeats itself during writes, although the energy-efficient crown goes to Crucial m4.

The last test mode left is idle mode. In this mode no external requests are being sent to the drive and it is either in sleep or idle garbage collection mode.

Intel drives consume considerably less than their competitors here, and the most power-hungry ones are again OCZ Vertex 3.

I would like to urge all our readers not to take the results of the Power Consumption tests too close to heart, because in reality it doesn’t matter if the drive consumes 1 watt or power or 2 watts. When we consider the power consumption of an entire system 1 watt will be within the error margin anyway. So it is important to remember only one thing: the today’s fastest 2.5-inch SSDs consume no more than 2 W of power.

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