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Our test session ahs come to an end, so let’s sum up the obtained results and hand out awards.

 But before we do that we have to say a few words in general. Yes, contemporary SSDs need SATA-600 interface really badly. Of course, they will still be faster than the previous generation drives even on SATA-300, but if we let them shine by connecting them to high-speed SATA-600 ports, their performance will get a significant boost.

In fact, the new SSDs in 2.5-inch form-factor working with SATA-600 interface have caught up with first-generation PCI-E drives. This is a true breakthrough in a new dimension, nothing less. The only thing that upsets me is that it is the second generation of SATA-600 drives that has got dangerously close to the interface bandwidth limitation. So how will the drives continue to improve?

Well, first of all, there is a tremendous reserve in increasing the write speed. Secondly, the tests showed that firmware optimizations can sometimes work wonders, but there is rarely a drive that shows brilliant results in all tests.

And if we get to the specific solid state drives, we can state with all certainty that our personal favorites are the OCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSDs. They proved phenomenally fast in all synthetic benchmarks, performed very well in NASPT and FC-Test file tests. They showed outstanding results in PCMark Vantage and data compression tests. We can definitely call these SSDs the drives with no bottlenecks. Therefore, it is our pleasure to award OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs with our Editor’s Choice title.

As for Intel 510, they were great in synthetic tests, coped very well with file tests, but their failure in PCMark Vantage spoilt the picture. Therefore Intel 510 SSDs is only the second best.

The third major participant of our today’s test session as Crucial m4. This SSD left a very diverse impression. On the one hand, we can’t forget its remarkable performance in Random Read test, where it completely destroyed all the competitors. But on the other hand, it didn’t really shine in any other benchmarks. Except for the PCMark Vantage, of course, where it performed unexpectedly brilliantly. We believe that this SSD has a lot of uncovered potential: we tested the drive with the very first firmware version, so maybe Crucial developers will eventually optimize it even better.

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