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Performance in FC-Test

Time has come for our favorite FC-test. Unlike NASPT, it is a much simpler one. It works with preliminarily created file sets, with clearly defines number and size of files. According to the testing scenario, a file-set is created on the drive (we measure the write time), then it is read from the drive (we measure the read time), then it is copied within the same drive but into a different folder. The file sets (Install, ISO, MP3, Programs and Windows) differ by the number and size of files, which allows testing the drives in different conditions.

Today we decided to use only three file sets: Install, ISO and Programs.

Let’s start with writing the files onto the drives:

Install set contains few files of medium size – these are typical application distributives, which we now carry on our flash-drives. As we can see, Vertex 3 and Intel 510 SSDs work with these files of this size best of all. Crucial m4 outperforms its younger brother, but, unfortunately, yields to the newcomers.

ISO file set, as you can tell from its name, contains ISO images of a CD disk. The total pattern size is 1.5 TB, so the victory of Intel 510 250 GB SSD wasn’t a surprise. Vertex 3 drives are right behind the leader, while Crucial m4 again fell behind.

Intel 510 shines when working with smaller files. Even the junior model outperformed all the others. Crucial m4 did pretty well here, while Vertex 3 drives suddenly fell short.

Let’s check out the reading:

Vertex 3 SSDs are the winner in Install pattern. Both Intel 510 SSDs fell a little behind, with two Crucial drives closing the ranks.

Vertex 3 SSDs maintained the first two positions in patterns with large files, but Intel products managed to get very close to the leaders here. As we can see, the clear breakdown of the results shows how beneficial it is to use the new SATA-600 interface.

Unlike writing, Vertex 3 is again at the top here, and with a very convincing advantage. Crucial m4 did pretty well, too and challenged Intel 510.

Now we need to check the copy speed within the drive.

Vertex 3 SSDs win in the Install pattern. Although Intel 510 250 GB also did very well, and so did Crucial m4.

The results during large files copy test are very similar to what we have just seen in NASPT: Intel 510 250 GB is the leader, and Vertex 3 follow closely after.

Now let’s see if Intel 510 manages to keep its leadership on the small files:

Nope, it doesn’t. Although the results of the first three leaders in this tests are so close that we could probably call them equal in speed.

Let’s sum up the results of our FC-Test: Vertex 3 is the number 1 winner. Even though these drives yielded a little to Intel products during file writes, they rehabilitated themselves completely during read and copy tests.

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