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Not so long ago we reviewed two external enclosures for hard disk drives designed by STLab and VIPoweR (for more details please see our review called Two 3.5" External Enclosures for Hard Disk Drives with USB 2.0 Interface). Both solutions supported USB 2.0 interface.

Today we would like to introduce to you another product from STLab, that differs from the previously reviewed one by the support of Serial ATA interface in addition to the USB 2.0. Of course, in our today’s article we will be focusing specifically on the performance of the device via this particular interface.

Closer Look: STLab S-121 USB2.0/SA-HDD3-EUR-1

Since we have already described the STLab S-101 in the article mentioned above, and even included the pictures of the S-121 model there, we will not dwell on the detailed description of the latter. I would only like to mention that all enclosures from STLab feature metal casing, which makes them very mechanically robust. Another positive consequence of this solid design is the superior heat dissipation the enclosure provides under heavy HDD workload even without any additional air coolers. And our testing will prove that.

The screenshot above taken from the manufacturer’s web-site shows clearly that there are three modifications of the enclosure available that look very similar to one another. Besides the two models I have already mentioned above, there is the third one, which supports not only USB 2.0 interface but also FireWire 1394a. In other words, each user will be able to find something meeting his of her specific needs.

The recommended retail price of the S-121 model is about $55.

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