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Now let’s see what results were obtained for the enclosure with the hard disk drive formatted for FAT32 file system. Note that hereinafter any mention of the S-121 enclosure implies that it works via SATA interface. On the first diagram we see that our today’s hero is winning a convincing victory. The use of Serial ATA interface allows it to outperform its opponents working via USB 2.0 interface in both subtests of the Disk WinMark benchmark.

Even when the test storage capacity has been reduced to 32GB formatted for FAT32, the picture remains the same, as we can see from the next diagram. Only the numeric representation of the testing participants’ performance got slightly different. Again, the S-121 solution working via SATA interface outperforms its rivals. Just like in the previous case the performance advantage of our hero is most evident in High-End Disk WinMark test.

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