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Performance in FC-Test

As usual, the major testing tool for singling out the fastest HDD enclosure is our own FC-Test. This benchmarking utility measures the time it takes to create (i.e. to write), to read and to copy several sets of files that differ in size and number of files included. Knowing this time we can calculate the speed of the drive.

The Windows and Programs patterns consist of many smaller files, while the other three patterns include just a few files but of larger size. Two 32GB partitions are created on the drive for the copy operations and the file patterns are first copied within the same partition (copy near) and then from one partition to another (copy far).

We will start with the discussion of the results obtained for FAT32 file system. The diagram of the file creation (i.e. write) speed suggests that the hard drive worked faster in the STLab S-121 enclosure. It retains its first position in all five patterns.

On the read speed diagram we see an indisputable triumph of the SATA interface supported by the S-121 chassis. The performance difference in patterns working with larger files is almost twofold that’s why we have every right to announce our hero’s victory.

When the drives were copying filed within a single partition, the S-121 solution again won the race. The HDD managed to run considerably faster in all five patterns when installed into this chassis.

The next diagram shows us how fast the files could be copied from one partition to another. Again we see that the SATA interface ensures indisputable advantage for the hard drive. S-121 container proves the most efficient when working in patterns with larger files.

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