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Print-Server and WiFi

Unfortunately, I couldn’t check out the N2100 functions such as Print-server and WiFi access point. WiFi wouldn’t start because N2100 failed to recognize the mini-PCI cards and USB dongles that I had at my disposal. And those that it would actually recognize were nowhere close to find.

As for the print-server, the manual stated that the print-server is an IPP-gateway. It means that on the one hand, your printer has to support IPP protocol, and on the other hand, there should be a client using this protocol, too. The printer I had at hand didn’t use IPP, so I simply resorted to the CUPS print demon on my Linux server (it supports incoming and outgoing IPP). So, all I can say here is that it can really print.



Security is a very important feature that will surely be a nice addition to our list. You can limit the user’s access to any of the services or restrict it completely. The network administrator can create new user accounts and combine them into work groups, if necessary. You can create specific rules for any service or shared folder on the server.

Survival Test

In conclusion I would like to say a few words about the robustness of the Thecus YES N2100 Box. Throughout the test session N2100 was working in all possible conditions: sitting vertically or horizontally, sitting on the side with the open chassis, buried under the whole bunch of cables and components. And only once the system refused to work properly, when I accidentally placed it next to the heater. Nothing horrible happened: one of the status LEDs started blinking indicating that something was wrong, and the server stopped responding. I removed the system away from the heat source and restarted it: the server was back up and running.

Actually it's an overheat protection of N2100. In case the NAS temperature reaches 60'C and continuously goes higher, the system will automatically shut off to protect the hard disk drives and the data.

So, it is quite ready for all the surprises of the home use :)

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