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Another diagram shows the performance of our test hard disk drive when it was formatted for NTFS file system, but only 32GB of storage space were actually involved. Of course, the performance of all the tested enclosures has grown somewhat bigger in this case. Although I have to admit that Thermaltake Muse didn’t benefit that much in this case, and its performance grew not as significantly as that of its rivals. Therefore it appeared the third fastest this time.

Now let’s discuss the results obtained in FAT32 file system. When the entire storage space of the hard drive was involved, the WinMark results by Thermaltake Muse appeared lower than those of most its opponents. Although, we have to admit that this is not a dramatic failure.

The test performed on only 32GB of storage space didn’t actually reveal any new results. Again Thermaltake Muse enclosure is falling behind the competitors. This time however, it manages to get one position up in the ranks.

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