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On the first diagram we see that during file creation (writing) the performance of the Hitachi HDD installed into Thermaltake Muse enclosure is lower than in case it is installed into any other external chassis we tested. It is performing especially slow when we have a pattern consisting of a lot of smaller files. In this case Thermaltake Muse turned out the slowest of all.

During file reading our hero manages to show better results. Although it cannot outperform the rivals, it is just a little bit behind the fastest solutions.

File copying within the same partition shows that Thermaltake Muse cannot work fast enough in patterns where a lot of smaller files are involved. In the three other cases it looks more attractive, but still finishes only as the fifth fastest out of 6 testing participants.

When we copy files from one partition to another Thermaltake Muse falls quite far behind the competitors. Again, just like in the previous cases, it is especially noticeable when there are a lot of smaller files involved.

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