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We have just introduced to you and tested an external enclosure from Thermaltake, which appeared a very interesting solution from the design prospective. Elegant looks, smart design of the external chassis definitely caught our eye. As for the efficiency of this solution when there is a HDD installed into it, it didn’t manage to win in any of the benchmarks especially against the background of the alternative products offered by other manufacturers. It performed somewhat better if the HDD was formatted for NTFS file system, especially if there are mostly small files involved. I will not argue about the efficiency and value of such device as a data transfer rate indicator. All I can say is that it is an originally looking detail that can make this device somewhat more attractive externally. The size and weight of the device make it absolutely unsuitable for portable needs and frequent transportation. It will most likely suit those users who do not have enough space inside their system case for an additional hard drive. However, I seriously doubt that you will feel like getting yourself a Muse like that, because if its relatively high price.

Those of you who got excited about the Thermaltake Muse enclosures would probably need to know that the company also offers different form-factors of this device, namely the enclosures that will suit for 3.5” and 2.5” storage products. Of course, they are o smaller size, but feature the same attractive exterior design. They will certainly occupy less desk space than the baby we talked about today.

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