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Performance in WinBench99

Now let’s see what results we will obtain in the popular WinBench99 test package. The best results in the tables below are again highlighted blue.

Let’s start our discussion here with the linear read graphs for both drives:

  • Transcend Portable Hard Disk (graph)
  • Storage Kingdom Easyharddisk (graph)

The graphs explain very clearly why Easyharddisk was so much faster than our today’s hero in the above described tests. You see that Transcend’s solution demonstrates much lower internal data transfer rate than the competitor. Together with bigger access time value, this fact makes Portable Hard Disk only the second fastest today.

Let’s check the results shown by our testing participants in FAT32:

The diagram shows that Easyharddisk is in advantageous situation in terms of both measured parameters. It is especially true for High-End Disk WinMark, which we consider the major value characterizing the drives performance in WinBench99.

The use of NTFS file system doesn’t change anything compared with the previous diagram. Easyharddisk remains a steady leader.

When we shift to a 32GB logical partition the situation also remained the same. Again the performance gap between the two drives is quite tangible in FAT32: Transcend is simply unable to compete with Easyharddisk here.

NTFS file system makes the gap between the leader and our Portable Hard Disk even bigger compared with what we saw in FAT32. The “slaughter of the innocents” continues.

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