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Performance in FC-Test

This benchmark is closer to life than any other test. We tested our hard disk drives according to the already formed algorithm with the help of five already existing patterns. ISO includes three files, a few hundreds of megabytes each. MP3 pattern consists of a few dozens of files with the typical size varying from 1.5MB to 8MB. Unlike other patterns, Install works with a few dozens of files of various sizes varying from a few bytes and up to 25MB. And finally, the two remaining patterns, Programs and Windows, include hundreds of files which correspond to those you have in the same folders on your own system. The difference between them lies in the file size: those from the Windows pattern are usually smaller (around a few tens of kilobytes). We used FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Before we started, we formatted each of the testing participants as a drive with two logical partitions, 20GB each.

First we created files in the first logical partition of the tested drive (Create). Then the entire set of files was read from the drive (Read). Then we copied the entire file set within the same partition (Copy near). And at last we copied the files from one partition to another (Copy far).

Let’s start our discussion of FC-Test results from FAT32 file system.

Easyharddisk coped better with files creation, which you can see from the diagram.

Reading files from, the drives again shows that Easyharddisk doesn’t yield even a tiny bit to Transcend Portable Hard Disk.

File copying within the same partition is another triumph of Easyharddisk solution, which is an indisputable leader here.

File copy from one partition to another reveals simply unbecoming behavior of Easyharddisk: its performance is almost twice as high!

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