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Now let’s take a look at the results obtained in NTFS file system.


File creation diagram didn’t show anything new compared with what we saw in FAT32. Transcend’s solution again loses dramatically to the competitor.

In file reading we witness another victory of Easyharddisk.

File copy within the same partition again demonstrates the same picture: Portable Hard Disk one more time yields to the competitor.

File copy from one partition to another is the final straw here: Transcend Portable Hard Disk is completely defeated.


Well, I think that you have already drawn all the necessary conclusions yourselves, while reading the article. The thing is that all benchmark results indicated almost indisputable victory of one solution. As you have already understood, I am talking about Storage Kingdom Easyharddisk. It easily defeated Portable Hard Disk from transcend in almost all tests.

Transcend Company released a very nice-looking and easy-to-use product. But this is where I should end the list of its advantages. Portable Hard Disk has no trumps against Storage Kingdom Easyharddisk. To tell the truth, this is a very mild wording for the performance gap we all have just seem during the results discussion. It is probably the outdated 2.5” drive, which is used inside Transcend’s solution that determines such poor results. Keeping in mind that both these models are now selling at almost the same price, $209, the product from Transcend has simply not a single chance to win the competition. Storage Kingdom Easyharddisk drive turns out much more attractive from all considered viewpoints. I don’t think it makes sense to pay the same money for a solution with definitely poorer characteristics. Of course, Portable Hard Disk will be purchased by those user’s who are guided by some formal reasons when making a buying decision, but it will never be demanded by the users who care not only about the name, interface and storage capacity.

I don’t want to be considered a malignant person, so I dare say that it is not a dead end. Transcend Portable Hard Disk will find its niche in this market if the company revises the pricing, namely reduces it. If it cost less, buying it will be a much more reasonable thing to do.

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