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Now we can proceed to our File Copy test which is closer to real-life applications (you don't have files which are all exactly 512 or 4 kilobytes large as in CrystalDiskMark, do you?).

The next diagram shows the speed of reading:

When the HDDs read one large file, their results are close to the CrystalDiskMark ones: the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex and Silicon Power Diamond D10 are beyond competition whereas the Western Digital falls behind its opponents.

The HDDs' performance with the other file-sets differs from what we've seen in CrystalDiskMark due to the different size of the processed files (a “medium-sized” file is 512 kilobytes in CrystalDiskMark but about 4 megabytes in FC-Test; the difference is even larger with “small-sized” files).

Most of the HDDs go neck and neck in the MP3 pattern but the Silicon Power Diamond D10 is ahead while the Western Digital lags behind.

When reading small files, the two Transcend drives are superior, closely followed by the Silicon Power Diamond D10 which has been good in every other read mode. Next go the other two drives from Silicon Power. The Western Digital is slow again. The slowest of the other drives is seven times as fast as the Western Digital, so the latter is a complete failure in this read test.

We’ve got a more complicated picture at writing.

When there is only one large file to write, the Seagate and the Silicon Power Diamond D10 again prove that they can do sequential reading and writing very efficiently. Third place goes rather surprisingly to the Western Digital which was the slowest in the sequential writing test from CrystalDiskMark. The Silicon Power Stream S20 and S10 are in the middle of the results table whereas the two Transcend drives aren’t very quick processing the 900MB file.

The standings change when we switch to the MP3 file-set. The Silicon Power Diamond D10 is ahead, followed by the Western Digital and Silicon Power Stream S20. Next goes the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex, which is considerably slower than the leaders. Then there is the Silicon Power Stream S10 whereas the Transcend drives are as slow as in the ISO pattern.

Western Digital’s drive is best when writing the numerous small files of the Install pattern (but we must remind you that this drive is also awfully slow when reading the same pattern). The next three positions are occupied by the Silicon Power products, the Steam S20 being ahead of the Diamond D10 and Stream S10. Next goes the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex while the Transcend duo is expectedly slow.

We must confess we were quite astonished at the results of the writing tests, especially the ISO pattern. Writing a single 900MB file should be close to CrystalDiskMark's sequential write, but many of the tested drives perform differently in these two tests. In fact, there are only three models out of seven that have the same performance in FC-Test’s ISO pattern as in CrystalDiskMark. However, we are sure there is no error in the benchmarking tools or patterns as we retested the slower drives and have adequate results from the faster ones.

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