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The outcome of our tests is rather surprising: the Silicon Power Diamond D10, the most affordable model in this review, seems to be the overall winner. It features the highest speed of reading medium-sized and large files and isn't much slower than the leaders in reading small files. Its writing performance is impressive as well: second place with large files and first place with medium-sized files. It is only small files that the Diamond D10 can't write fast. None of the other products we've tested today can boast such versatility. The low weight, nice looks and affordable price are the additional factors in favor of this model.

The two Transcend drives were downright poor when writing files (the StoreJet 25M3 was somewhat faster in every test, but that doesn't make any serious difference) while the Western Digital was poor at reading. The latter's record-breaking performance in writing small files is negated by its awful speed of reading with the same files. The Silicon Power Stream S10 is but slightly better than the Transcend duo at writing but inferior to them at reading. It is at reading, especially with small and medium-sized files, that the Transcend drives deliver their best performance.

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex and Silicon Power Stream S20 can be viewed as average products that don’t have serious flaws in performance. The Seagate is somewhat better at reading large and medium-sized files and is far ahead when writing large files. The Stream S20, on its part, is preferable for writing small and medium-sized files as well as for reading small ones. Still, if we don't focus on one parameter but take them all together, none of these two models can match our overall winner Silicon Power Diamond D10.

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