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Performance in Intel IOMeter DataBase Pattern

We will start with the controllers performance in the DataBase pattern. With the help of this pattern we checked the HDD performance during the processing of requests with different queue depth and varying writes share.

In order to illustrate the controllers performance we built three graphs demonstrating the controllers efficiency under three types of workload (three types of queue depths).

The first graph demonstrates the controllers performance under linear workload laid onto the HDD (queue=1). There is hardly any significant difference between the three controllers here. Intel ICH5 falls a little bit behind VIA solutions.

The next graph shows how efficient the controllers are in case of queue depth=16. The situation hardly differs from the previous one. Both VIA controllers are almost equally fast and Intel ICH5 falls a little bit behind them.

The last graph shows the controllers performance with queue=256 requests. No comment is necessary since the picture is exactly the same as in the previous two cases.

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