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Performance in WinBench99

With the help of a well-known WinBench99 test package we tested the performance of our controllers when the HDD was formatted as a single partition and as a 32GB logical partition. We ran the tests for both: FAT2 and NTFS file systems. In the tables below the best results are highlighted with blue and the worst results – with red colors.

Let’s start with the situation when we involve the entire hard disk drive:

In FAT32 file system we see an indisputable advantage of Intel ICH5. VIA VT6212 falls behind the leader but is significantly ahead of the predecessor.

The graph illustrating the controllers performance in NTFS file system show that the situation in High-End Disk WinMark remained unchanged compared with the previous case. Intel ICH5 is still the best, then comes VIA VT6212 outperforming its predecessor, VT6202. However, if we look at the results obtained in Business Disk WinMark, we will see that the controllers lined up in the completely opposite order.

Now let’s pass over to the case when we have only a 32GB partition involved in the test process.

On the graph for FAT32 you can see that the overall performance of our testing participants has grown bigger, but the positioning of the rivals remained the same as in the pervious cases: VIA VT6212 is behind the leader integrated into Intel ICH5 South Bridge, but is still much faster than the predecessor.

The use of NTFS file system doesn’t change anything. Intel ICH5 is an indisputable leader. Then comes VIA VT6212, and the very last one of the three appears the good old VIA VT6202.

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