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Now let’s check the performance of our USB 2.0 controllers in NTFS file system:

The graph illustrating the controllers performance during file creation shows very clearly that VIA VT6212 runs almost neck and neck with Intel ICH5, but lacks just a little bit to catch up with it completely. VT6202 is considerably far behind the successor.

Reading the files from the hard disk drive when the data transfer rate usually increases pushes Intel ICH5 far ahead of the VIA solutions. At the same time VT6212 is much faster than VT6202.

File copy within one and the same partition doesn’t add anything to the situation. All the testing participants remained where they were. VIA VT6212 still can’t catch up with Intel ICH5, although the gap is not that huge at all. VIA VT6202 is still behind the two leaders.

Copying files from one partition to another hardly changes anything: Intel ICH5 remains the leader, then comes VIA VT6212, and the last racer is VT6202.


Of course, we should admit that VIA made a significant step forward having launched its new VT6212 USB 2.0 controller. Our performance investigation clearly proves this point. The advantage of VIA VT6212 over the predecessor is more than convincing in most tests. The real progress the new USB 2.0 controller will make compared with the predecessor is simply indisputable. It is especially evident in the benchmarks, which are close to real-life applications, such as WinBench99 and FC-Test.

Unfortunately, one of the tasks VIA engineers might have also set, namely to catch up in performance with solutions from Intel, hasn’t been fulfilled. Even though the new VIA VT6212 controller performed really close to the USB 2.0 controller integrated into Intel ICH5, the gap between the two is still there. Although, their actual efficiency is not that very different. Taking into account traditionally very flexible VIA’s pricing policy and a few specific peculiarities of the new solution, as get every right to guarantee that VIA VT6212 will be highly demanded by both: manufacturers and us, users.

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