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The same test, but with the drive attached via FireWire. Let’s start with FAT32.

Once again, the WDXF2500JB is rewarded the smallest scores. It is just a little slower than the Special Edition of itself, though.

The drives all accelerate when I use 32GB of their storage space, but their positions remain the same: the WDXF2500JB is once again the worst device in the test.

Now, the file system changes to NTFS:

The WDXF2500JB makes it to the third place in this test, outperforming its translucent and luminous mate, the WDXB2500JB model.

Regrettably, the WDXF2500JB has nothing to boast of in this test, on 32GB storage space. It returns to the last place.

The measured average access time of the WDXF2500JB turns to be a little higher than that of the other two drives from Western Digital. This difference plays no crucial part, so I don’t think that the Media Center uses a completely different hard disk drive.

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