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FC Test

The FC Test utility yields the most realistic and detailed picture of the performance of a hard disk drive. The key point of that program is measuring the time the drive takes to perform write, read and copy operations over several sets of files. These file patterns differ in size and number of files they comprise. The measured time becomes the basis for comparing different drives.

I remind you that the Windows and Programs patterns include many small files, while the other three patterns have several large files. For the copy operations, the drive is partitioned into two identical volumes. There can be a “copy near” operation (copying within one and the same partition) or “copy far” (copying from one partition into another).

First, I attach the WDXF2500JB via the USB 2.0 interface:

Creating files in FAT32, the WDXF2500JB is slightly better than its opponents in the Windows and Programs patterns that include numerous small-size files. In the other three patterns, however, it yields to the Maxtor OneTouch A14A250 as well as to the WDXC2500JB, delivering roughly the performance of the WDXB2500JB.

The WDXF2500JB finds itself behind the group in the read tests, in any of the five patterns.

The WDXF2500JB is overall the slowest at copying files within one disk partition, although its performance is not very poor compared to the other products from Western Digital.

Copying files from one partition to another, the WDXF2500JB places a deserved third, outperforming the WDXB2500JB.

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