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Discussion on Article:
Power Consumption of Contemporary Graphics Accelerators. Part I: Graphics Cards on ATI Chips

Started by: 22 | Date 07/28/04 05:25:10 PM
Comments: 245 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 03:46:19 AM

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#7 You must have a mobo problem not a PSU, your board isn’t delivering enough power from AGP slot, maybe Ati requires more power from the AGP slot over nvidia.

Excellent review!!!,
I agree with #4 I am European, and for us the power of the washing machine, dishwasher, freezers, .... are very important that's why I don’t go for NVIDIA(6800) and Intel(prescott), just for that.

Funny is that two 9600 would consume less over one 9800. Maybe dual 9600 is a good idea, I don’t know what would cost more a dual chip graphic card (with two 9600), or a new card with other more powerful chip (one 9800).
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sorry, it is not a board problem. It runs perfectly well with an enermax eg465 psu and antec 550W psu's. It is just the 400W "generic" antec that won't run the 9700 pro in that system.
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