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Discussion on Article:
X-bit’s Guide: Contemporary LCD Monitor Parameters and Characteristics

Started by: cmaxb | Date 11/01/04 02:48:25 PM
Comments: 42 | Last Comment:  01/03/14 05:12:17 AM

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>> So, the discomfort from the monitor is due to the bad quality of the image rather than to any radiation.

Mr. Artamonov, I am sorry, but I just do not buy your argument. Try this experiment: Do whatever daily activities you normally do, reading a book, using a pc, watching TV, eating, a couple of inches away from a regular monitor/TV. Making sure your head is close most of the time. Heck you could even try placing the monitor on the floor and taking a nap on the screen. If you are able to do this without any ill effects, then you must be a special person. I don't have the scientific explanation for it, but I don't think you can easily dismiss all effects for CRT's to image quality.

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Excellent article, but it left me with questions.

I am in the market for a 23" or larger Widescreen monitor. While I do some work with text, I am mainly interested in photo editing. Thus it would appear that I should get an S-IPS monitor. Do any of the 23" or larger widescreen monitors use S-IPS?

The manufacturer's specs don't tell what the matrix technology is. They often mention TFT.

Does TFT indicate TN?

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>> Do any of the 23" or larger widescreen monitors use S-IPS?

No. There are also 23" MVA matrices from AU Optronics and 24" PVA matrices from Samsung.

>> Does TFT indicate TN?

No. TFT -- Thin Film Transistors -- is a technology used on almost all modern LCD matrices. "TFT matrix" is a synonym of "active matrix".
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