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Discussion on Article:
Audigy2 Platinum eX: Top Sound Card from Creative

Started by: Bill | Date 05/28/03 08:34:45 PM
Comments: 110 | Last Comment:  11/12/16 10:57:24 AM


Try running this sample on your Audigy 2 Platinum eX and find out how bad intermodulation distortion it produces!

BEWARE! The sample contains almost full amplitude high frequency almost inaudible component at c. 19,5 kHz. Be very careful with your playback equipment so that you do NOT blow your tweeters/headphones. The initial tones (audible) in the test file should be at very faint (barely audible) volume, so that the high frequency full amplitude signal later in the sample does not blow your equipment.

As you can hear, the best of what Creative has to offer distorts this sample audibly really bad.

I have tested Terratec and RME cards and they play back this signal cleanly without any distortion.

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