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Discussion on Article:
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX: New Architecture Exposed

Started by: delphic | Date 06/22/05 07:40:19 PM
Comments: 58 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:07:50 AM


I don't get the first page. ATI had much worse availability than NVidia at least up until February this year. As for the performance side, I wasn't aware of the R420 clearly beating NV40 either. (Depends on which game you test, and who you ask, but in general they seemed to be very even, with maybe just a fraction better performance on the NV40 side. The difference wasn't big enough that I'd say one side was clearly faster though)

And finally, according to just about everyone (including ATI's statement today (, NVidia have been winning in the high-end market, with ATI taking mainstream/low end. Of course part of the reason for this is most likely that ATI's high end GPU's simply haven't been available until 4-5 months ago.

Now no, I'm not a NV fanboy or anything (The X800 was a nice architecture, and the X850 definitely is faster than the NV40), but the way it's presented in this article is just wrong.
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What do the authors mean by theoretical performance testing?
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