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Discussion on Article:
Swords Crossed: ATI CrossFire Platform Review

Started by: Saist | Date 09/27/05 03:36:52 PM
Comments: 18 | Last Comment:  01/17/07 10:50:21 AM

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I guess what confuses me about this review is that many of the benchmarks do not match those in other reviews (e.g. Half Life 2), and that there is a known issue with some games having a performance hit. Simply renaming the executable file (say, to farcry.exe) results in regaining the appropiate performance boost.
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I really hate to double post... but something else that bugged me about the review is that the "Halibut" board is a reference board. Every other crossfire review i've seen has touched on how the "shipping" products based on Cross-Fire are configured for consumers, rather than for product development.
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We use custom benchmarks, which is why our results should not be compared to any other's results.
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