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Discussion on Article:
Arctic Cooling: Quiet System Cases Roundup

Started by: Hephaestus | Date 12/14/05 09:44:39 PM
Comments: 17 | Last Comment:  11/29/06 01:11:18 PM

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Hi Xbitlabs,

From my personal expierence I would like to say, that this case is great, but there are some problems. First of all, I cannot understand why didn't you hear low frequency sound. Maybe it is not so irritating for a start, but after a while it becomes really irritating. I use a Titan Vanessa for cpu - it is cooled passivly at idle. And Zalman vf700cu for vga. The only sound I am hearing are those tiny fans, which emmit it. Furthermore, cas is rather small for a atx mobo (DFI UT NF4 ultra-d).
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Low frequency sound is kind of hard to block compared to high. Have you ever heard music from a distance? You don't hear the voices, but the bass still comes through quite well.

These things are hideous huh? If I had to look at these ugly things all day, I'd sledgehammer them into rubble.

They need to get people with a better sense of aesthetics to design these things. Asians don't seem to be very good at this, look at their ugly cars. They should get some French or Italian designers, preferably gay, and have them work on some case designs. If they can design clothes well, they probably can at least do something with a computer case. Efficiency rarely wins against aesthetics in sales, so get these designers to work on something a little less efficient and a lot more attractive.

Hell, even if they made case the shape of a woman's body it would be better than these blocks. Put the small 3.5 inch drives in the waist area, and the bigger stuff up higher. Use the eyes as the power on indicator and hard disk activity light. Use the mouth for a DVD drive. For temperature indicators, put it in the most anatomically accurate spot, that is, above the 3.5 inch drives and below the mouth. Would work perfectly for dual processing set ups :P.
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