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Discussion on Article:
LCD Panels with Response Time Compensation: 7 Monitors Reviewed

Started by: 3.1415 | Date 12/21/05 01:32:55 PM
Comments: 21 | Last Comment:  08/12/07 02:02:14 PM

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A well ment but very misleading article. RTC artifacts are not visible in movies and games!!! Did you even try it? The artifact to be developed, after the black to grey transition no new impulses must come, else the developing artifact will be overriden by the next transition. So they are only visible when a dark object is moving on a homogeneous lighter background, e.g. a text. You can see it nicely on the "SyncMaster 930BF" picture. The artifacts are fully developed in places where there are several background pixels moving one after another, e.g. after "r", "F", where capital letters are followed by regular ones etc. The artifacts are suppressed or not visible in quick black-grey-black transitions, e.g. between "3" and "F". What you get in movies and games are actually quick transitions between different shades of grey, so you will be hard pressed to find any artifacts. You can try it with photographs, move them around the desktop, you'll find RTC artifacts only if you carefully look for them and you know what you are looking for. So agressive RTC is especially suited for dynamic movies and games.

And as for the work being uncomfortable on a desktop with agressive RTC. Well, on conventional RTC-less LCDs used all over the planet the text gets unreadably washed out with the slightest move. On a monitor with agressive RTC, you get sharp text in all situations only with an occasional artifact. Everyone can make his own opinion which is more uncomfortable.
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I have recently purchased a 730BF and wish I had read this article first. Having come from an 60Hz CRT I notice the ghosting effect in fps games (I play alot of Quake III) expecially bright objects against dull backgrounds.

However this only occurs at high, movement speeds (quick turns etc) and does not impede my playing ability in most situations.

Also having never used a LCD for gaming before, I may not be the best judge - I would like to hear from anyone using a Viewsonic 3/4ms however
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