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Discussion on Article:
S3 Chrome S27 Graphics Processor Review: Worthy Performance for Its Class?

Started by: ODi | Date 12/29/05 03:11:51 PM
Comments: 41 | Last Comment:  09/06/07 04:38:18 AM

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Considering that S3 hasn't been able to put a single card into the market in numbers, and the reluctance of graphics card manufacturers to sell S3 cards (compared to ATI and Nvidia), I don't think the prospects are very good.

Might make a nice laptop chip though, if they make an MXM model.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/30/05 02:15:38 AM]

There are two architectural advances in the Chrome S27 hardware and software that are not mentioned in this article:

1. Similar to NVidia's TurboCache and ATI's HyperMemory, S3's Chrome S27 product offers a technology called AcceleRAM for very small sized video-memory(framebuffer) footprints. For an extremely affordable entry-level graphics card, the Chrome GPU can work with a single-chip 8Mx32 DDR3 (32MB). By taking maximum advantage of the 4GB/s per direction peak bandwidth of the x16 PCIexpress link, the Chrome S27 card can deliver a very impressive 1500 points in 3DMark05. You can't get anywhere close to that level of performance with Nvidia's 6200TC (turbocache) product. Why? Because NVidia's 6200TC only supports DDR1 memory which slogs along at a sluggish 350Mhz (700Mbits/s). Also, S3's chrome27 acceleRAM can work with 16Mx16 gDDR2 - with a 32bitinterface = 64MB running at 400Mhz (800Mbits/s), the card can easily outrun the fastest "integrated graphics" (UMA) chipset by at least a factor of 2. I think S3Graphics has a wonderful little affordable chip - it just hasn't reached anywhere close to its full market potential yet. Sure, it doesn't support ShaderModel3, but that is really beside the point. There are tens of thousands of applications that run perfectly well with ShaderModel2.

2. S3 also has an impressive MultiChrome configuration with two cards. They will start marketing this product in 2006 - the nice thing about their approach is that the MultiChrome will work on any motherboard that sports 2 PCIe slots! It does not matter whether the slots are (x8+x8), (x16+x4) or even (x16+x16) - their GPU can support all of those combinations. The synthetic benchmarks scale very very well with MultiChrome. (A 1.8x scaled score has been demonstrated more than once in recent weeks). Watch this product closely - it could deliver the biggest and best value in the "dual GPU cards" segment yet!

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Considering that X550s, X1300s, 6200s and 6600LEs all reach 1500 in 3DMark05, I don't see how that is such a great feat for a high-entry level card.
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Hi Rookie,

well - I'm not disagreeing with you entirely. But, the 6200TC cannot support gDDR2 or gDDR3. Also, ATI's X550 cannot run off a 32bit single-chip memory ; it needs a minimum of 64bits on the memory interface. But, yes, as you said, the ATI X1300 can work with a very small frame buffer and still do quite well in synthetic benchmarks. The best "bang for the buck" in this ultra-low-end $49-$59 card segment, still looks to me at least, to be the S3 Chrome. There is a decent sized market for such cards; I know that a lot of system-integrators (or SIs as they are called in the trade) would love to sell these cards because they can make good profit margins off them.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 01/02/06 10:18:35 AM]

thanks for the good read
if they came out with that card for $100 to $125 i would buy it
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missing price and linux game benchmark
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 01/02/06 02:12:17 PM]
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I don't think it has a price yet, and I doubt very many people would play games on Linux - most would just set up a dual-boot system.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 01/03/06 03:44:31 AM]
They should have also added OS2 Warp benchmarks of Sims 2 as well. I mean, COME ON!
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