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Discussion on Article:
Tuniq Tower 120 Cooler Review: All Super Coolers are Great, but Some Are Greater Than the Others

Started by: Joe L. | Date 02/17/06 07:26:23 PM
Comments: 38 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:10:59 AM


The CNPS9500 is well within the recommended weight and center-of-gravity limits for stress on the motherboard, the Tuniq Tower 120 is most definitely NOT, especially with the attached fan. Transporting a PC containing this tower could be very dangerous to the health of the motherboard. Adding stress-plates to locally spead the load of overweight and top-heavy heat-sinks without providing only transfers torsional stress to other areas of the motherboard in the event of vibration or shock. And with the center of gravity of this heatsink being so far away from the motherboard, imagine dropping a tower-case a short distance vertically to the ground and the resultant leverage on the motherboard and its surface-mount only takes one cracked solder-joint to render the motherboard useless.

A heatsink review is never truly complete without observations of the mechanical-integrity compromises, and a scientifically balanced review would include shake and shock tests to the standards established by the CPU/socket manufacturer. However such tests could be very expensive due to the resultant motherboard failures with most of the (er) "speciality" heat-sink designs. With the CNPS9500 Zalman have done an incredibly good job of designing a heat-sink thermally far superior to the OEM versions from the CPU manufacturers while not compromising the mechanical integrity of the motherboard and CPU-retaining hardware.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/17/06 11:12:10 PM]

Why bother with these bulky hack heatsinks when a Thermalright XP-90 runs cooler, is lighter, and cost less? Do people buy these foolish looking heatsinks because they are poorly designed or because they look foolish or both?
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/18/06 10:40:46 PM]

HI. Saying first that mechanical problems with this design is obvious and will definitely lead a lot of buyers to damaging the processors , I would like to specify a couple of very important things concerning processor fans in general. Yes, there are a lot of people running after fancy solutions. It's a hobby. At some point in the past those guys mostly did not count their money buiying components , BUT now they do.
Also assembling folks were got used to overclocking. Now they don't. They just buy faster processor and chill, knowing they would not burn it with the right clocking.
Those are the folks who used to tell you all PCI2 specs, when there was not even one motherboards on the market. It's their hobby. But now they know that "The possibilities of getting drunk and take advantage of the young girs in the bar are getting smaller by the day..." .They are still after fastest and coolest solutions, but they like specs and like to follow them more than professionals. They will not buy this piece. After all they know that the fancy look is a marketing trick.
Third. and may be most important. People now DO NOT WANT noise AT ALL. 37 Db ??? from Panaflo 120 ??? Are you kidding ?!!! My wife produces less noise.All the time. So, Forget about it!! They will not buy it.
20 Db from any fan on the CPU ? they will think about it in terms of the whole computer case. If they have noise -insulation of the case - they will probably buy low-profily low noise solution , but not this one.
Bottom line.
No way this will make it to the market for 2 most important reasons. Mechanical design will definitely damage a lot of motherboards. And the noise level from the most of the 120-fans on the market is higher 20db ( read - TOTALLY unacceptable today ).
Even if they want to run it at 500RPM only and do not play games not to overheat the CPU they will say "What is the reason in having this computer ON at all? "
Did designers say your processor will survive at 500RPM at full load ? At 1000RPM? at 2000RPM?
NO ! they did not , cause it is a compromise for overclockers minds - to speed up the CPU and to slow down the fan..
But in review they HAVE TO SAY there is a proof the processor survived with low speed of the fans at EXTREME processor load. Moreover. To make this review professional one JUST have to BURN a couple of processors at the extreme load at different fan speeds. Otherwise ALL buyers have NOWAY and no real metrics even to decide this solution is working.
Kids love games. They do not like to burn or crack processors and motherboards.
Adults hate the noise. They'd better sit with silent laptop.
Professionals love metrics, measurements, THE prove for different conditions. We do not get it from review.
Why don't you guys just DO IT AGAIN. But do it right this time.
Drop the case ! See your chip damaged.
Slow down the fan and increase the CPU load to extreme. Prove you did not damage it or say you did.
Run this at extreme load in crapy standard case from any manufacturer for days. See that your processor survive. There are millions of really bad cases from the best manufacturers like DELL and SONY and others. They just DO NOT PROVIDE airflow as they should.
Buy those cases and set it for extreme load.
If you can not afford it - the review is nothing.
Who created this solution ?
Designers? No.
Engineers ? No.
This solution has been created buy the only will of MARKETERS. They know how to trick you to buy the fancy look. Not the quality. Old salesman school. Very old.
Who did this review ?
You probably know the answer.
So. This
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/19/06 01:24:13 PM]

Where can you buy the Tuniq Tower 120? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 10/23/06 11:16:38 AM]

this is one damn fine HSF yes its big but not as big as an CoolerMaster Hyper 212 that thing with two fans becomes a 120mm cube mountain inside your case i replaced mine with the tuniq tower 120 and have absolutely no regrets i can even use dimm 1 again another thing i couldn't do with CM hyper 212.....

here I am 13/10/2010 same HSF and new CPU an AMD Phenom II x4 940BE @ 3GHz and this HSF + Gelid GC-2 paste is working like a charm just goes to show how well built this thing is built they still sell for around a hundy bucks here though (NZ) and are just as hard to find I'd still recomend this HSF to anyone wanting quiet performance and great looks
0 0 [Posted by: Athlonite  | Date: 01/10/10 03:37:48 AM]


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