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Discussion on Article:
IDF Spring 2006 Coverage: Day 2

Started by: Randy | Date 03/10/06 08:41:08 PM
Comments: 28 | Last Comment:  08/30/06 01:21:06 PM


Wow Anna,

Oh my, what a biased review for the Athlon 64. But, you're entitled since it is an Editorial, nonetheless, let's look at each point.

You complain about the difference between DDR and DDR2 memory. OK, there are benchmarks currently on the web that show the AM2 using DDR2 667 is SLOWER than the current Socket 939 using DDR. The advantage of a memory controller could be lessened with DDR since it is relies on low latency and DDR2 is a high latency product. The end product will be better, of course, because AMD will use DDR2 800 by the time it is released. But, then so will Conroe, which should show greater performance as well, right?

You complain that Intel is comparing a product that will be released in three months with a product AMD is currently shipping, and AMD should be able to show some improvement between now and then. The first flaw is the FX-60 is not shipping at 2.8 GHz, Intel overclocked it for AMD, and did them a favor. So, we are comparing two non-shipping products with each other. More than that, what AMD competes with in three months will not be the same processor it competed with this week. Conroe will undergo changes and performance will certainly improve between now and then. Generally speaking, a very mature product shows very minor, if any, improvements in speed whereas pre-released products show a very substantial improvement in the months before their release, and even after.

With regards to the demos you had to use, I'm inclined to agree with you that in general they are very suspicious indeed, and being suspicious is clearly warranted. However, another site was able to run their own demos and found the Intel machine was actually set up conservatively, and there was no attempt to skew results. So, yes, you are right in being suspicious, but in this case, Intel was actually upfront about it.

It's kind of funny, that every site but this one everyone is awe of the processor and pretty much shocked. The readers, and apparently Editorial staff, have such an attachment to AMD here that I don't think they appreciate what a monumental achievement Intel made. It's good for everyone outside of AMD and their stockholders, but most people here seem resentful and unwilling to see the obvious.

Being suspicious is good, but I think this has gone way beyond suspicion to the point people simple refuse to see the obvious. This is a great processor, and it's about time Intel came out with one. Everyone should be happy, it's good for the industry.

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