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Discussion on Article:
AMD Athlon XP 3000+, 2800+ and 2500+ on Barton Core

Started by: myworldofcomp | Date 07/18/03 06:17:08 PM
Comments: 149 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 10:13:22 AM


i have the new p4 2.60 800 fsb with the asus p4p800 and right side by side same lcd monitor dvi i also have 2500xp amd on a gagabyte top of the line don't see much different in the two systems running same games or what ever but there is big differents in price that is all i need to say ,so save your money!intel needs to do better than this 50% better don't you think in the real world of price and demand of what is expected!!!!!
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the normal temperature of my processor amd athlon xp 2800+ core barton is 60 celsius, i don´t know because it´s overheating. My board is a msi kt880 delta, 512mb ddr400 and have a fan case of 90 * 90mm near of processor. I sell the processor with your fan original in box.

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