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PowerColor X1900 XT Graphics Card Review

Started by: Exsomnis | Date 05/04/06 04:11:54 PM
Comments: 34 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:14:27 AM

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"We didn’t test this game with turned-on FSAA because its HDR support is disabled in this case even on ATI’s Radeon X1000 cards and the visuals quality degenerates dramatically."

Maybe you should've installed the Chuck hotfix. *Rolleyes.*
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/04/06 04:11:54 PM]
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I play oblivion with HDR+4*AA+8*AF and its beautiful, respect to chuck for making that patch
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/05/06 05:34:09 AM]

Ok this has been driving me crazy for months. You CANNOT change the Af settings for Doom3/Quake4 by using the global driver settings in the Nvidia control panel. The game overides any driver settings. If you look at the profile for Doom3/Quake4 they are set to "application-controlled" and that CANNOT be unchecked. The ONLY WAYS to change the AF settings is to do a config change or rename the file(Doom4 for example) and thenmake a new profile for the game. I have proved this a million times to people. If you take screenshots doing it your way(global settings) you will see NO difference between 0,2,4,8 or 16. Doing it the way I said you will notice the each AF setting WILL make a visual change in the game. Please dont argue. Instead take a few minutes to test it yourself. You guys are the supposed to be the experts not me.
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