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Discussion on Article:
14" Widescreen: Most Optimal Solution? 10 Contemporary Notebooks Roundup

Started by: gaston | Date 06/09/06 02:35:43 AM
Comments: 33 | Last Comment:  08/28/06 08:59:03 AM

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Well, since AMD has about 10% of the mobile market, and you take 10 samples, that means by market share, AMD should have either 1 or 0 models represented.

Maybe there should have been a MacBook thrown in the comparison so Apple wouldn't be left out, too. If you add them to the whole laptop market, that means that AMD actually has less than 10% of the market.

Maybe Xbit lets them participate more fully when they get serious and release a real notebook product.

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How about the Turion x2?

Are you blind?
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