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Discussion on Article:
Intel Kentsfield Preview

Started by: Data | Date 09/28/06 02:59:25 PM
Comments: 20 | Last Comment:  12/19/15 06:41:04 AM

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You couldn't comment on what the Bad-Axe 2 adds over the original Bad-Axe can you? Official DDR2 800 support perhaps?
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New Features over Bad Axe 1:

1. Kentsfield Support;
2. SATA II Controller (Marvell 4-port SATA2 PCIe controller);
3. Sigmatel Audio Upgrade (for Vista compliance);
4. CK-505 Clock;
5. Physical switch for Power On/Off;
6. Enhanced voltage tweaking options for non CPU related circuits;
7. BIOS Enhancements, e.g. OC settings
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