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Discussion on Article:
Second Round for Nvidia Quad SLI: Technology Matured?

Started by: N2p881 | Date 10/11/06 05:14:03 AM
Comments: 7 | Last Comment:  10/15/06 07:25:35 AM


nVidia spent a lot of time promoting Quad SLI as a technology really only suited for large 30" monitors, as at lower resolutions 1920x1200 down, it offered little or no performance improvement. How did you manage to miss this ? You should read the article on Guru3D, when they test Quad SLI on a Dell 30" TFT and come to the conclusion its a waste of money if you run on anything less. I work for a systems integrator that builds both Crossfire and SLI gaming systems. We have know about this since the early days of Quad SLI.
I hope you revisit this article and restest at 2560x1600 which is where Quad SLI generally has some value.
I'm no nVidia fanboy. The company I work for gets much better support from ATI and I have a Crossfire system at home. I'm just really dissapointed a site with your reputation managed to miss the point so badly.
You need monster resolutions to get any benifit of QUAD GPUs.

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