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Discussion on Article:
Choosing the Right Memory for Core 2 Duo Platform - Part 3: DDR2-800 SDRAM Modules Roundup

Started by: uf | Date 10/17/06 01:17:17 AM
Comments: 86 | Last Comment:  09/01/16 06:11:48 PM


I know I am slow on the uptake, but its time you guys did a really exhaustive hynix vs. micron vs. promos vs elpida test. For example, Corsair changed the 6400C4 to use promos ics about a month after you wrote this. We have a pretty good idea what micron can do, but what about the other IC's? And someone over at vrzone just hit some ungodly overclock with some hynix chips. So maybe sample the variants out there and give us an idea of what the differrent ics will do and maybe find a few diamonds in the rough?
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