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Discussion on Article:
ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part V

Started by: Tabris:DarkPeace | Date 11/21/06 11:49:43 PM
Comments: 14 | Last Comment:  01/28/08 03:44:28 AM

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Can you use the EPS12V (8-pin) cable, on say the Antec Neo HE 550 (550W) to power a Tyan K8WE (S2895) mainboard ?

I was under the impression that EPS12V compliance (not just for the 8-pin connector) required one pin to be different on the 24-pin mainboard power connector.

Of course you never stated if the Antec NeoHE 550 is EPS12V compliant (or that if isn't)*, just that it has (one of) the "standard" EPS12V power connectors (the 8-pin power one, usually for dual CPU socket boards).

* - Thus the question
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Great article and very interesting.

The error safe pop-ups are very annoying though.
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I apologize for the bad banners. The problem should be taken care of by now. Email me at if the problem continues.
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Excellent article, complete and accurate unlike many other websites. You guys really know your stuff. I really enjoyed reading this. Now if only there was a 'Print' version I could download and keep for reference...
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