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Discussion on Article:
First Look at iDome DS 500: Digital Stereo Acoustic System from… Abit!

Started by: mino | Date 12/22/06 06:52:09 PM
Comments: 42 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:04:47 AM

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Well, considering 2x14W Creative Monitor M85-D You reviewed a year ago cost $95...
IMO the $160 price tag is steep but reflects what the system has to offer.

Also I do NOT remember seeing ANY profi-class speakers with SPDIF in the
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"in the"... what?
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Class D is not a digital amplifier. Also there is no way for a 4 inch woofer can produce 20 hertz easily. In order to produce 20 hertz, the woofer have to move a lot of air which 4 inch woofers can not. I estimate their low-end extension to be no lower than 100 hertz or 150 hertz with out distorting at high volumes.

Abit's subwoofer unit contains 6.5 inch woofer, but again does not have what it takes to handle 20 hertz easily. Also the legs are not long enough to provide enough room for the port to breath. The amount of room that is needed for a port is equal to its diameter.

All shielded monitor loudspeakers costs about the same as these speakers, but with out the amplifier.

The reviewer spelled tweeter wrong. Sound quality is the same as the saying, beautiful is the eye of the beholder.

I neither have Abit's satellites nor the Abit's subwoofer. I rather make my set myself.
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